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Rural areas notoriously struggle to keep hold of the publicly accessible provisions that can be taken for granted in more urban, built up areas. 'Jobs & Services' covers a wide range of elements that can directly benefit and enrich our neighbourhood. For example: public transport, commercial development, public services. We encourage you to raise points and issues on how preservation and improvement of 'Jobs & Services' within our neighbourhood can enhance it.


Surfing plays a huge role in the lives of so many people in the Parish of St Mawgan.
For some it is their main source of employment or simply an opportunity for fun; for
others it represents a way of life or a refuge to the winds of life.
Surfing has become woven into the modern identity of the Parish and it should follow
that the neighbourhood plan should preserve, protect and promote surfing as a
natural extension of the plan’s aims.
The pandemic has shown us all the priceless value of outdoor spaces that we can
find pleasure in. Mawgan-in-Pydar is especially fortunate in this regard to have the
beautiful beach of Mawgan Porth and the open space of the paths and cliffs
surrounding it. It lies right in the centre of an internationally popular surf zone,
stretching from Newquay to Padstow, which attracts people from all over the world to
the area.
Surfers contribute to the local economy in many ways. Not only by spending money
locally, but also in their representation in innovative, local businesses. By their very
nature, surfers are compelled to live by the sea and it follows that a large proportion
of year-round residents were drawn here due to the surf.
The neighbourhood plan can help ensure the needs of surfers are not overlooked by
future development of the area. People have been riding waves in this Parish for
over 70 years, becoming part of the cultural heritage of our wonderful home in the
Surfing is a meritocratic pastime that transcends the typical dividing lines of life.
Secured coastal access, improved provision of public amenities and year-round
parking are all things that will ensure that the surf here will remain inclusive for the
residents of tomorrow.
Pete Geall

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Mawgan Porth

What a wonderful welcoming village Mawgan Porth is!
The Abells have been visiting for about 25 years and Pete has been running Kingsurf
for over 17 of those years, setting up a local kids club and expanding the ever-
increasing surf season, encouraging many repeat visitors.
Rosanne has successfully set up her hair studio in Newquay, having started out as a
local mobile hairstylist. Encouraged by the community this too is now a very
successful business.
The decision was made to cut ties with our Gloucestershire roots and all move to
Mawgan Porth! The perfect house was found for us by knowledgeable locals and
support to find every kind of help had been provided.
Friends have been made with wonderful wildlife experiences, making stunning coastal
walks that much more enjoyable and we've been welcomed into homes for
numerous cream teas and meals.
In return, we try to help and always support Chill at the Mill, the Merrymoor festivals,
volunteer Cornwall, where I've helped at the vaccination centre, and all the other
things that come along. I’ve also joined the Neigbourhood Plan group because I
want to be involved in the future of Mawgan Porth and St Mawgan.
It's a busy thriving community, we've been enjoying the Mawgan Porth players and
their professional entertainment for quite a while. Yoga classes at the village hall
have also proved a bonus and much-needed headspace and exercise. The
community is one of the things that people have said that they like about living in St
Mawgan Parish. We hope that developing a Neighbourhood plan will keep that
sense of community alive for all of us.
We find that everyone here helps one another and we'd like to thank you all for
embracing us into your fold.
Thank you Mawgan Porth.
Tracy Abell

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