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It surrounds us, it is a prevalent conversation more than ever, but what does the Environment mean to you?

As you can imagine, the breadth of the topic 'Environment' is eternal which makes it an important element of the Neighbourhood Plan. As part of the development process, we will need to highlight and focus on the diverse and stunning environment that makes Mawgan-in Pydar special. 

Check out some blog posts below telling you more of what we have within our Neighbourhood!


Written by Kate Geall

The Neighbourhood Plan is about the community of Mawgan-in-Pydar coming together to discuss what we want to keep and what we want to change about the area, so that Cornwall Council knows our wishes when it makes decisions about our future.  In the absence of a plan, local interests are not always protected. 

Most of us think of sustainability in relationship to the global green agenda and managing the environmental impact of human activity, such as building practices and design.  It goes beyond domestic heating technology, avoiding plastic bags and beach cleaning. 

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Sustainability links into global questions that many of us find uncomfortable: What are we supposed to do? Can we afford it? Isn’t this a question for the experts? Have we left it too late? etc.  

It can all get a bit political, and we will probably find it hard to agree what is important and what this community should and could do, if it decided it wanted to.  As a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Group, I am hoping to highlight some aspects of the topic so we can start a discussion at a local level.  

Essentially sustainability is about identifying what we need and want now, in order to protect what we have for future generations.   It applies to everything; so we have somehow got to narrow this down to a short list of really important points that capture the essential concerns of people living, working and staying here.  

Fortunately government and local government have already written policies that the Neighbourhood Plan has to sit inside, such as where the flood plains are, building regulations, planning law, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  

If I were to arrive in St Mawgan in Pydar with new eyes in 20 years time the things I hope to see are:

  • Historic buildings, particularly older housing, which tell me of the area’s long and ancient past.  Could they be vulnerable if we do not find a way to better heat and insulate them.  Might they have to be abandoned like the pound house in the Community Orchard?

  • Local businesses, which feed and trade and employ us.  Are they free to operate without constraints, or should there be other considerations?  Should we think about transport so that outsiders can continue to work here and contribute to meeting our needs?  Do we need to think about housing so we are staffed sufficiently for business and farming. 

  • A community that welcomes me.  Since I came to live here the best thing has been a diverse group of kind and friendly locals.  Although I am nearly retired I was attracted to the area because there is a village school. There are young families in the village, babies are expected and there are children here to smile at me.  Perhaps my own children could live here to enjoy the beach and the countryside and make a home for their children too? 

  • The things I most want to see is green farmland producing food with surplus to sell; the crashing waves, golden sands and rugged cliffs of Mawgan Porth; and a beautiful river valley for me to live in.  More importantly I would like to see a beautiful valley for all the creatures we depend on to keep this a healthy home for humans.  Yes, that includes the rooks and the horseflies!  


Many different interests are involved in creating a Neighbourhood Plan, such as residents, holiday-makers, food suppliers, schools, religious organisations, businesses.  We need everyone to contribute by answering questionnaires and getting involved with the planning group or events arranged for discussing this.   What would be on your list?  I hope you have something to say.